Assessment of post mortem epididymal sperm from non-descript bucklings (Capra hircus)

Maureen B. Gajeto, Julius V. Tomas, Kristina J. Cruz, Marlon B. Ocampo, Lerma C. Ocampo


Recent progress  in gamete preservation have utilized epididymal sperm for animal genetic resource cryobanking of traditional livestock breeds and endangered animals not trained for semen collection. Therefore, appropriate analysis to ensure its quality is paramount. In this study, post mortem epididymal sperm of bucklings (n=8) were evaluated to determine its possible use in related assisted reproductive techniques. The epididymides were sliced longitudinally and the sperm collected through swim-up method. Significant variations on semen quality and quantity among individual buckling were observed. The mean volume recovered was0.65 ml with 6.3 pH. The sperm motility ranged from 50-75% with a mean concentration of 1.92×109 cells/ml. The percentage viability was ≥80% with percentage normality range of 48.95-82.2%. The common head and tail abnormalities were the small, pyriform type and cytoplasmic droplets in the proximal region. The results showed that the epididymides of buckling contain a significant population of normal sperm that could be used for fertilization studies both  in vivo or in vitro.

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