Histological and histochemical observations on the saccus vasculosus of freshwater featherback, Notopterus notopterus (Pallas, 1769)

S. K. Ghosh, P. Chakrabarti


The cytoarchitecture and histochemical characteristics of saccus vasculosus in Notopterus notopterus (Pallas, 1769) were investigated by employing histological and various histochemical techniques. Saccus vasculosus, the richly vascularized reddish, sac like organ bulging from the ventral wall of the diencephalon. Histologically, it contained several loculi lined with considerable number of specialized coronet cells and few supporting cells. The loculi were packed by blood sinusoids. The intense reaction of silver stain was marked in the free end of coronet cells and nerve terminals attached with blood vessels. The localization and chemical nature of acid and neutral mucins in the saccus epithelium was studied by employing PAS-AB technique. Different shades of glycogen were discernible in the apical globules of coronet cells and blood vessels. Intensity of protein and lipid reactions was found to be associated with the coronet cells and blood vessels also. The various intensities of the histochemical reaction in the coronet cells of saccus vasculosus in N. notopterus was correlated with their functional significance.

Keywords: saccus vasculosus, Notopterus notopterus, function, cellular architecture, histochemistry

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