Some Functional Measures of the Organism of Rats at Modeling of Ischemic Heart Disease in Two Different Ways

Areshidze D. A., Mischenko D. V., Makartseva L. A., Kucher S. A., Kozlova M. A., Timchenko L. D., Rzhepakovsky I. V., Nagdalian A. A., Pushkin S. V.


The study was conducted to examine the influence of two methods of modeling of ischemic heart disease on the amount of ischemic fibers in the myocardium parameters, characterizing the cardiovascular system, the coagulation properties of blood, and its electrolyte composition. It was shown that at modeling of IHD by introducing doxorubicin, several functional changes occurred, but the nature of the changes of the studied parameters evidenced a predominantly cardiotoxic effect of doxorubicin, which did not lead to the morphological picture characteristic of IHD. At modeling of ischemic heart disease by co-administering adrenaline and hydrocortisone, morphofunctional disorders were manifested in significant pathological changes in the myocardium of rats, and this method can be used as a model to identify the therapeutic efficacy of potential drugs aimed at preventing and treating the ischemic heart disease.

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