Abundance of Family Pieridae in Union Council Koaz Bahram Dheri, KP, Pakistan

Haroon ., Arif Jan, Ijaz Ahmad, Atizaz Ahsan


The present study was conducted in Union Council Koaz Bahram Dheri, District Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. A total of 87 species of family Pieridae were examined, the most abundant specie was Eurema hecabe 39/87 (44.83%) followed by Catopsilia phyranythe 16/87 (18.39%), Catopsilia ponoma and Pieris canidia 12/87 (13.79%), Colias croceus 5/87 (5.75%), Colotis amata 2 (2.3%) and minimum specie was Colotis fausta 1/87 (1.15%). The area has rich butterfly and moth fauna recommended for further study.

Key words: Eurema hecabe, Catopsilia phyranythe, Catopsilia ponoma, Pieris canidia, Colias croceus, Colotis amata, Colotis fausta.

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