Check andaflatoxintotal Bdegeneration of theliverafterhepatitis

Maryam Tavakkoli Lakeh


The aflatoxins are a group of mycotoxins pro- duced by certain Aspergillus species and can contaminate foodstuff especially in developing countries. In this study, 25 serum samples from hepatitis-positive from hospital in the city of Rasht collected by ELISA was tested in the meantime, out of 25 samples of which contained aflatoxin total B (B1 and B2 ) had. Then to learn Possible liver disease situation and the impact of aflatoxin on the situation, using the results of the ELISA and the values of some blood markers( ALT, AST, ALP, BIL ) derived from the patient's blood test results, with the help of statistical calculations and SPSS software to analyze data and communicate and influence
between the factors involved there. The results showed that among a group of these factors were significant. The results showed that the activity of liver enzymes (ALT, AST , ALP) in hepatitis have increased significantly over time, which can damage liver cells and to confirm or cholestasis. Also according to the comparisons made to the conclusion that the bilirubin test, the appropriate test to assess the condition of the liver is not. Because usually cause changes in liver failure. However, the amounts of aflatoxin B, from the ELISA test, a synergistic effect of the toxin with hepatitis B and C was confirmed. The result can be total aflatoxin B as a contributing factor in the progression of hepatitis title.


Keyword: AflatoxinTotal B,Degeneration, Liver,Hepatitis

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