A Review of Epidemiological Studies, Pathogenesis and Genetically Ateration in Influenza Viruses Circulating in Iran

Sahar Emami


Avian influenza is one of the most important and serious virus diseases that has been reported all over the world. So far16 Subtype HA (H1-16) and 9 NA subtypes (N1-9) have been identified. According to the pathogenicity of these viruses in birds are classified to low pathogenicity to high pathogenicity groups. Adaptation of these viruses in aquatic birds caused these birds as a natural reservoir of the virus. These viruses can break down the barrier between species and transmitted to mammals such as pigs, horses and humans. Using key words such as avian influenza, highly pathogenic types of influenza, influenza epidemiology and genetics of poultry and some other related words, in PubMed, Medline, and SID databases have obtained many documents, mostly for aspects specific for the pathogen or genetic. Finally, of 3760 documents, about 150 related articles were used for this article. The results showed that H9N2 viruses circulating widely in poultry flocks and those who are in contact with poultry. It seems to be in line with variation in the virus infecting humans. Therefore, further investigation and studies ongoing care is essential in order to fight the swine flu. Wild bird’s play a very important role in the spread of infection between different subtypes of influenza virus. Therefore, pay particular attention to these birds in the implementation of patient care is recommended.


Keywords: Epidemiological, Influenza Viruses, Pathogenesis, Iran

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