Evaluation of competitive ability in Artemisia (Artemisia aucheri) with Bromus (Bromus tomentellus) and relationship with the amount and distribution of leaf canopy

Elham Rezvannejad, Mahboobeh Sharafi


Coexistence of plants is regarded as important elements for the dynamics of plant communities. Knowing these relationships is useful for recognize various stages of dynamic cycle between the plants. In order to evaluate the competitive capability of Artemisia aucheri and Bromus tomentellus as well as their relationship with the amount and quality of leaf area distribution in the cover crown, an experiment was conducted in glasshouse condition using complete randomized design with 4 replications. The treatments were different proportions of A. aucheri and B. tomentellus seeds given as 0+100, 10+90, 20+80, 30+70, 40+60, 50+50, 60+40, 70+30, 80+20, 90+10, and 100+0, respectively. Seeds were sown in pots and the pots were placed in the greenhouse at the day and night temperature of 27±3 and 17±3°C, respectively. Data were collected for number of days till germination, vigor index, seedling leaf area index (LAI), leaf area duration (LAD), seedling fresh and dry weights, shoot/root length ratio, seedling length and root length were measured. Results of analysis variance showed that after the germination of B. tomentellus seeds, the mix cropping had had no considerable effects on the growth of stem, root, seedling and dry and wet weight of aerial organs, thus, it was concluded that higher portion of A. aucheri seeds had negatively significant allelopathic effect on the seed germination and seedling growth stage. Then, the germinated seeds of B. tomentellus species grew in comparison with A. aucheri species.


Key words: Artemisia aucheri, Bromus tomentellus, Leaf area index, Leaf area durability

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