Analysis of the Effects of Insulation of Hive by Plywood and Increase of Wood Diameter on the Population and Production of Honey

Naser Heidarzadeh, Orang Esteghamat


An appropriate hive is one of the important factors in rising and preservation of bees. A suitable hive protects bee colonies against cold, heat and sun ray to decrease honey consumption, rapid growth of colony, increase of population, increase of collection of ambrosia, and more product. Selecting the best hive for raising honeybee, the number of newborns (colony population) and production of honey in the hives used by bee owners (common hive) and three types of insulated hives are analyzed. The diameter of the hive wood used by bee owners is two CM. The floor and ceiling of the hive is insulated by plywood, and for insulating the wall of the hive, this diameter of the wall wood increased to 3 and 4 CM. the results indicated that the insulation of wall and ceiling of the give with plywood increase the number of the newborns of the colony population to 40.6% in summer and production of honey to 20.5% though the increase of the diameter of the wood of the hived did not have any effect on the number of newborns of colony and honey production


Keywords: Honeybee, Internal Heat of Hive, Number of Newborns

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