Creative Commons License 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3

Species Diversity of Lepidoptera in Mimbilisan Protected ‎Landscape, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Don Mark Guadalquiver, Olga M. Nuñeza, Aimee Lynn Dupo

Mimbilisan Protected Landscape in Balingoan and Talisayan, Misamis Oriental is a critical watershed forest that provides valuable ecological services to its host municipalities and nearby communities. This study aimed to determine the species diversity and endemism of Lepidoptera in the area. The method used was opportunistic sampling using sweep nets for a total of 130 person-hours. Three sampling sites were established. Ninety-two species of Lepidoptera comprising ‎‎62 butterflies and 30 moths under 14 families and 76 genera were documented. The most abundant family observed was Nymphalidae (113 individuals, 28 species). The riparian area was found to host the most number of species and individuals (65 species and 161 individuals) due to its open canopy. High diversity was recorded in all three sampling sites (H’=3.173-3.846). Among the documented lepidopterans 22 were endemic butterflies of which five occurred exclusively in Mindanao. The presence of a high number of endemic species and the high level of diversity in Mimbilisan Protected Landscape indicated its importance as a habitat for lepidopterans and the need for continued conservation and management of the protected area.


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