Creative Commons License 2015 Volume 2 Issue 3

Existence of malaria parasites in Joyhing and Koilamari tea estate, Lakhimpur-A signal for potential malaria epidemic in near future

Jitendra Sharma, Anjumoni Pathak

Malaria still remains a major problem among the tea garden community in Lakhimpur, Assam. A large outbreak of malaria has been taken place during the month of May-June in Joyhing and Koilamari tea estate. Finger prick blood samples were collected from suspected malaria patients. Rapid malaria test kit and microscopic slide examination method was used for confirmation of malaria parasite. In Boginodi area, a total of 135 patients were affected with malaria, of which P. falciparum was detected in 116 cases and P. vivax in 19 cases. Adults and females were more prone to malaria infection. Lack of knowledge and poor sanitary condition was observed in that community. People are not using mosquito nets. No travel history was recorded among the malaria patients and it indicated that there is an existence of malaria parasites as well as malaria causing mosquito vectors in that community.

Key words: Malaria, Microscopic examination, P.falciparum, RMT

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