Creative Commons License 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2

Sperm motility assessment of epididymal sperm from post mortem goat testicles held at 5°C

Angelica C. Bumanlag, Hannah Lei M. Harada, Cynthia C. Divina, Marlon B. Ocampo, Lerma C. Ocampo

Appropriate holding conditions for post mortem testicles of goat to yield quality epididymal sperm (ES) as a source of genetic material for cryobanking and fertilization studies are lacking. In this study, the effect of storage time on the motility of ES from post mortem testicles maintained at 5°C was evaluated. In the laboratory, the cauda epididymides were excised from the testicles after 4 hr (G-1) and 24 hr (G-2) of holding time before collecting the sperm in a Tris-citrate buffered solution and evaluated using a CASA. Sperm motility profiling revealed a subpopulation of static, slow, motile and progressive ES. The proportion of static sperm in the control (16.97±6.21) and G-1 (21.53±5.60) were lower significantly than G-2 (36.13±5.05). The proportion of slow moving sperm was lower significantly than G-1 (23.31±3.57) and G-2 (25.45±3.32). The proportion of motile and progressive motile sperm decreases significantly (P<0.05) as the holding time increases at 78.46±4.64% (G-1) to 63.85±4.06 (G-2) and 45.53±8.89 (G-1) to 25.46±8.42 (G-2), respectively. The results showed that prolonged storage of post mortem testicles at 5°C could result to a reduced percentage of motile and progressively motile ES. Nevertheless, this considerable proportion of ES remained useful both for cryobanking and fertilization studies.


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