Creative Commons License 2015 Volume 2 Issue 1

On the structure of the urinary bladder in the African giant pouch rat (Cricetomys gambianus-Waterhouse, 1840) From Eastern Nigeria

Ikpegbu E., Nlebedum U. C., Ibe C. S.

The micromorphology of the body of the urinary bladder of the African Palm squirrel was investigated to fill the knowledge gap in available literature. The specimen was processed through routine histology, stained and viewed under the light microscope. Low magnification revealed that the body of the urinary bladder contained longitudinal mucosal folds coated with epithelium. At the core of the mucosal folds was laminar propria. Also prominent at this magnification was the tunica muscularis. At higher magnification, the mucosal folds were seen coated with dome shaped transitional epithelium of 3-4 cell-layer thick. At the base of the mucosal folds, the underlying laminar propria/submucosa contained loose connective tissue, small smooth muscle cells and abundant blood vessels. The tunica muscularis contained smooth muscle cells arranged in mostly inner longitudinal and outer circular orientation. However, some muscle fibres were seen running in diverse directions including obliquely thus presenting a meshwork arrangement. The meshwork tunica muscularis may help the animal withstand pressure due to accumulated urine.

Keywords: urinary bladder, histology, histochemistry, tunica muscularis, epithelium, Nigeria


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