Creative Commons License 2018 Volume 5 Issue 2

Efficacy of Essential Oils against Oryzaephilus Surinamensis L. (Coleop-tera: Silvanidae) and Application to Packaging Film by Extrusion Coat-ing

Pangnakorn U., Chuenchooklin S.

This study was carried out to investigate the toxicity properties of essential oils against saw-toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis L. The highest efficiency of the essential oils from 5 plants: lemon grass Cymbopogon citratus Stapf, citronella grass Cymbopogon nardus Linn, pomelo peel Citrus maxima (Burm) Merr, eucalyptus Eucalyptus globulus Labill, and kaffir lime peel Citrus hystrix was selected and applied on extrusion coating film for rice storage life. The toxicity test was evaluated under laboratory conditions by using two methods, namely Topical Application Method (contact poison) and Residual Exposure Method (inhalation poison or fumigant toxicity). Mortality of the adult saw-toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis was observed and recorded every 12 hours until 72 hours. The results revealed that lemon grass and kaffir lime peel achieved a high mortality of saw-toothed grain beetle at 86.66 % and 76.67% by topical application and at 100% and 93.33% by residual exposure respectively. A lower toxicity of treatments was found for pomelo and wood vinegar. Hence, lemon grass oil, kaffir lime peel oil and citronella grass oil were selected and applied to extrusion coating film formed into bags to test for its ability to extend the storage life of rice. One month after observing the infestation of store product pests, the 1% of lemon grass oil, kaffir lime oil and citronella grass oil show significant protection against the saw-toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis L., throughout the experiment when compared to the control (uncoated). Additional, the essential oils may be useful as a grain protectant with extrusion coating film against the other stored product insects infested rice in the coated bags including red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) and rice weevils Sitophilus oryzae Linn.


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