2014 Volume 1 Issue 2

Effectiveness of Punica granatum Linn. (Lythraceae) extracts on the adult performance of desert locust Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Ghoneim K., Amer M., Al-Daly A., Mohammad A., Khadrawy F., Mahmoud M. A.

The current investigation was carried out aiming to study the effects of ethanol, petroleum ether and n-butanol extracts from the fruit peel of Punica granatum on several parameters of adult performance of Schistocerca gregaria. Treatment of penultimate (4th) instar nymphs with the highest concentration level (80.0%) of each of the extracts resulted in 100.0% adult mortality. After treatment of last (5th) instar nymphs with the highest concentration level of ethanol or n-butanol extract, 100.0% adult mortality was recorded while petroleum ether extract caused only 50.0% adult mortality. Considering the adult morphogenesis, P. granatum extracts exhibited some impairing effects since various deformed adults were recorded after treatment of penultimate instar nymphs. In connection with the sexual maturity and ovarian maturation period of adult females, treatment of nymphs with P. granatum peel extracts resulted in significantly, or insignificantly, prolonged ovarian maturation period. A weak prohibitory action was exerted by all peel extracts on the reproductive life-time (oviposition period) of adult females after treatment of penultimate or last instar nymphs. With regard to total adult longevity, treatment of penultimate instar nymphs with petroleum ether extract, with an exception of its highest concentration level, exerted an accelerating action while a general delaying effect was exhibited by ethanol and nbutanol extracts. After treatment of last instar nymphs, contradictory effects on the total longevity were detected.

Keywords: ethanol, petroleum ether, n-butanol, survival, morphogenesis, longevity, ovarian maturation.


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